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Colorado 22-1394 JT Program Funding

Policy Details

Policy Type: Policy
Jurisdiction: State — Colorado
Status: Passed
Tags: Climate Finance, Labor/Workforce

Policy Summary

The bill transfers $15 million from the general fund, with $5 million allocated to the just transition cash fund and $10 million allocated to the coal transition workforce assistance program account, and directs the department of labor and employment, through the Just Transition Office, to expend the money for specified coal community and worker supports.

Taken in combination with other just transition bills funded through the Colorado state legislature, this funding bill continues the work of the Just Transition Office. These bills serve to unlink employment opportunities is rural areas of Colorado from the fossil fuel industry. In time, this also reduces the power of fossil fuel corporations in Colorado state politics, reducing barriers to future decarbonization and climate action legislation.

Summary courtesy of: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb22-1394

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