Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems: The Climate Justice Remix

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems: The Climate Justice Remix Performed by The Notorious B.F.C. (Black Femme Crew) Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop Making an Urgent Call for Climate Justice

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems: The Climate Justice Remix is a parody of, and a tribute to, the hip-hop classic Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems by the Notorious B.I.G., P. Diddy, and Ma$e, which heavily samples Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out,” another female-led power anthem!

Our video is in three parts. The first verse is the perspective of our beloved Mother Earth, putting fossil fuels on blast and celebrating the power of the people. The second is from the perspective of communities and the power of democracy. The third verse culminates with Mother Earth and communities coming together to do what’s needed to fight for climate justice!


CHALLENGE: Now we are inviting YOU to channel your favorite hip-hop artist(s)

Introducing the TCLP Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems Climate Justice Video Contest and your chance to win up to $10,000 in prizes!

Here's your chance to:

  • Throw Down the Mic: Create your very own Hip-Hop infused climate justice anthem.
  • Flex Your Creative Muscles: Produce a video that both educates and captures hearts.
  • Stand for a Cause: Spread the word about climate justice, advocate for change, and inspire a global community.

Learn more about the contest and submit your entry here.

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The Notorious B.F.C.