Photo from "In the Air" — a documentary film about environmental injustice on the gulf coast by John Fiege
Photo from "In the Air" — a documentary film about environmental injustice on the gulf coast by John Fiege

What we're fueling at the pump: 
A call to action to stand with the frontline communities

Imagine the countless times we, as consumers, stand at the pump, unaware of the real cost behind that gallon of gas. Beyond the price tag lies a trail of ecological disruption, community upheaval, and devastating impacts on our health. Are we prepared to confront the bleak reality of our planet's predicament and stand at the frontline of change?

Sparked by the alarming stories of poisoned communities we heard at the People's Health Tribunal by people from Mozambique, Uganda, the Niger Delta and South Africa and what we already know as the atrocities experienced by people on the frontlines in the United States from Port Arthur, Texas to Port of Wilmington, Delaware to Lake Charles, Louisiana, we stand with frontline-communities to issue a call to action.

There is still hope! There are inspiring stories of community triumph that have emerged from these stark realities, and there are actions we can take to create a world free from fossil fuels by following the lead of communities on the frontlines.

Actions you can take

  • Push for Divestment: Urge institutions to break up with fossil fuels and invest in a green future️
  • Vote for the Planet: Choose leaders who are committed to combating climate change and eliminating reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Supporting Energy Efficient Legislation: Push for laws that favor energy efficiency, renewable energy and penalize carbon-intensive industries.
  • Stand up and Speak Out: Attend hearings and meetings and provide testimony at your Public Utilities Commissions and zoning boards.
  • Promote a Circular Economy: Advocate for policies that encourage a circular economy, where products are designed to be reused, recycled, or repurposed to reduce waste