SB 1090 Replace Nuclear with Renewables in California

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Policy Summary

Friends of the Earth released a landmark report that found Diablo Canyon was built on a major fault line. Seismic activity near the plant put the nuclear materials there at tremendous and unnecessary risk.

Working with Pacific Gas and Electric, Friends of the Earth reached an agreement to shut down the two reactors at Diablo Canyon and replace them with renewable energy, efficiency and energy storage.  Unions and environmental groups struck an agreement with utility PG&E to support workers and the local community as it planned to decommission its Diablo Canyon nuclear plants. The utility provided funds to the local community to offset lost tax revenue, while supporting job retraining and compensation for workers. Also, PG&E will be able to provide jobs by transitioning the plant into a renewables and storage facility.11 The state now is looking to create similar programs for its oil sector amid a structural shift taking place

California Gov. Jerry Brown has taken it one step further. In Sept. 2018, he signed economic assistance legislation ( SB 1090) for the communities living near Central California’s Diablo Canyon, ensuring that while its two nuclear reactors creep toward decommission, local communities are still acknowledged — and given some financial help as the state makes its final move away from nuclear energy. Diablo Canyon’s reactors will shut down formally in 2024 and 2025.

Senate Bill (SB) 1090 implemented key objectives of the Diablo Canyon Joint Proposal.  It included Community Impact Mitigation Funds intended to ease into post-Diablo Canyon economy. 

Additional Information

Policy summary courtesy of: Friends of the Earth and Utility Dive

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