Rebroadcast of November 8th 2022 GADCJC Panel: Advancing Racial Justice and Climate Reparations at the UNFCCC and Beyond

Panel Rebroadcast

Race and racism render Afro-Descendant populations more vulnerable to both the drivers and impacts of climate change; The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report listed colonialism not only as a driver of the climate crisis but also as an ongoing issue that is exacerbating communities’ vulnerability to climate change; The World Conference Against Racism calls for investments in safe and healthy environments, citing the disproportionate exposure to unhealthy environments due to racism against Afro-Descendant persons; Due to the systemic nature of white supremacy, the extractive global economy, and historic impacts, Afro-Descendant nations and populations endure extreme loss and damage while being historically and systemically deprived of the wealth and power required to be self-determined and resilient; Afro-Descendant nations and people are disproportionately impacted by climate change, including climate forced migration, sea level rise, disasters, shifts in agricultural yields, and more; Afro-Descendant nations and people are among those least responsible for driving climate change;


  • Mithika Mwenda
    Executive Director of Pan African Climate Justice Alliance
  • Jacqui Patterson
    Founder & Executive Director, The Chisholm Legacy Project
  • Roslyn M. Brock
    Chief Global Equity Officer, ABT Associates & NAACP Board Chair Emeritus
  • Susan Oteino
    Chief Executive Officer, Action Aid International, Kenya
  • Denise Abdul Rahman

Event Details

November 8th at 1:30 PM (GMT +2) in Egypt

Climate Justice Pavilion 

Blue Zone

Presented by: Global Afro Descendants Climate Justice Collaborative

Photos from the event

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