Do You Know Who Holds the Power (and the Air, and the Heat, and the Water…)? 

By Jacqui Patterson
Founder & Executive Director, The Chisholm Legacy Project

Tomorrow, November 8th, is Election Day and all eyes are on the high-stakes races that will determine which party controls Congress. Few are paying attention to local races for Public Service Commissions (PSC) or Public Utility Commissions. But these races have an outsized impact on our lives.

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TCLP Delegation at #COP27

The Chisholm Legacy Project (TCLP) Founder & Executive Director Jacqueline Patterson, Advisory Board Chair Kathy T. Egland, and Alignment Initiative Co-Manager Denise Abdul-Rahman will be attending the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Their delegation will be joined by the Fulbright Scholar Paloma Pavel, Founder and President of Earth House Center.

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Net Zero, Gross Zero, Negative Zero. Simply put, Which One is Better?

All in for 1.5°c

Climate change is a climate emergency. This is even more imperative for communities of color and low/no income communities, including communities in the Global South – all of whom bear the brunt of extreme weather conditions. As mentioned in past blogs, historic racism is at the root of the problems and threats – very real threats – faced by these communities and countries.

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