Leading with Legacy: Issue 04

Photograph of Shirley Chisholm with the words "Leading with Legacy" to her left.

Hey Legacy-Building Fam!

Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration, updates, and community highlights from The Chisholm Legacy Project! We’re thrilled to have you with us on this transformative journey towards a just and equitable future for Black communities at the forefront of the climate justice movement.

🔦 This Week’s Spotlight 🔦

  • Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems Climate Remix Challenge: Next Steps
  • 2024 Time Women of the Year

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems Climate Remix Challenge: Next Steps

The beats have dropped, and the submissions are in! Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to each of you for pouring your talent, passion, and voice into the Hip-Hop anthem challenge for climate justice. The submission period is now officially closed, and thanks to you, we’re moving forward with a symphony of powerful messages and groundbreaking creativity.

Your contributions have truly amplified the call for climate action, blending art with advocacy in the most inspiring ways. It’s been an honor to witness the diversity of thought, creativity, and dedication you’ve brought to this challenge. Each entry not only showcased your unique talents but also your commitment to making a difference through the power of music.

Next Up: Public Voting!

Now, the excitement continues as we transition to the next phase of our journey together: public voting! This is where the community gets to have their say, and the power to choose our winners lies in the hands of the public. Your anthems will soon take center stage, engaging audiences far and wide, as we collectively decide on the entries that not only hit the hardest but also resonate the deepest with the mission of climate justice.

Stay tuned for details on how and when the voting will take place. We can’t wait to see which entries captivate the hearts and minds of our community. This is your chance to shine even brighter and rally support for your powerful messages of change.

2024 Time Women of the Year

Just 11 miles from Dallas, the story of Sandbranch, Texas—a community without basic amenities—sheds light on deep-rooted injustices. This reality led to the founding of the Chisholm Legacy Project in 2021 by Jacqui Patterson, aimed at supporting communities at the crossroads of environmental injustice, poverty, racial discrimination, and gender inequality.

Honoring Shirley Chisholm’s legacy of intersectional justice, the project pledges to bring attention and aid to those ignored by mainstream efforts, ensuring every voice is heard in the fight against climate adversity.

With roots in advocacy, including establishing the NAACP’s climate justice program, the Chisholm Legacy Project merges civil rights with climate justice, advocating for comprehensive solutions that address economy, food security, housing, and transit. It represents a call to action for a just and equitable future.

🌱 Rising Together 🌱

In Rising Together, we’re celebrating and uplifting organizations and community groups we’re proud to work alongside of on our journey towards Black Liberation, Just Transition, and climate justice!

Minorities in Shark Sciences

“Science is for everyone… but it hasn’t always been. MISS was founded because the 4 co-founders regularly felt alone and unwelcome in marine and shark science. As Black and mixed race women, they were often one of a few people of color in their higher-ed STEM classes. With that in mind, they founded MISS with the hopes of making it so no one who came after them has to feel as they did… We hope to advance the field of shark, ray and other marine sciences by challenging the status quo of underrepresentation of gender minorities from historically-excluded communities of color and the Global South and providing accessible and equitable pathways to research, conservation, and education.“

🎧 Rhythm & Reads 📚

Rhythm & Reads is your go-to section, where culture meets the cause in a small curated selection of sounds, stories, and insights that inspire our shared mission towards liberation, justice, just transition, and tackling the climate crisis. Each week, we’ll handpick a mix of music, podcasts, books, and articles that enlighten and empower us to drive systemic change.

Advancing Black-led Climate Justice Solutions

“The climate crisis in this country is a Black crisis, with a disproportionate impact of both the causes and consequences of climate change experienced by Black communities. However, it is because they are closest to the problem that they are also leading the formation of solutions to clean energy, safe water, healthy food, affordable housing, disaster resilience, and good jobs in a green economy. More and more evidence is showcasing that community leadership that centers justice and equity, is key to successful and lasting climate solutions.

And Black Women — leading as they do — poll amongst the highest in calling for climate action. If given resources and respect, they can make great strides to protect people today and ensure a better future. Unfortunately, Black-led and other frontline organizations are often the least funded and face large hurdles in the process of getting the support they need.

During this year’s Black Climate Week, we’ll examine how philanthropy, government, the media, and industry can be key partners in scaling up Black-led, frontline climate solutions. What are the collaborations, mechanisms, and strategies to grow intersectional climate solutions? We’ll also celebrate the success of Black-led organizations across the U.S. with specific examples of solidarity actions that are already helping to scale what works.” -The Solutions Project

Climate books for Black History Month

To win allies for climate action, activists must understand how the environment, intersects with concerns for the health and well-being of people and communities. Inequities of the past and the present must be addressed by the policies and programs offered for a sustainable future. Read full story at Yale Climate Connections

Black Business At Forefront Of Environmental Justice Leadership

In the evolving landscape of environmental awareness, the intersection of environmental justice and Black-owned businesses should be a crucial focal point. Black-owned businesses, often deeply rooted in their communities, wield a unique influence in promoting environmental justice and sustainability. They are pivotal in shaping local economies, creating jobs, and fostering a sense of community empowerment. Read full story at Forbes Magazine

🫱🏾‍🫲🏽 Join the Conversation 🫱🏾‍🫲🏽

We want to hear from you! How are you implementing the principles of Just Transition, pushing for Black Liberation, or dismantling extractivism in your community? Are there communities that you know need support in their work toward these goals, or even communities who are already doing the work and needing to be highlighted? Don’t forget – you can submit resources to our Resource Hub to be featured, or even request help finding a resource that you may need! Share your stories and insights with us and let’s make this a conversation!

Remember, each step we take is a step towards transformation. Ubuntu (I am because we are)—together, we’re not just envisioning a brighter future; we’re actively building it. Let’s keep the momentum going and continue leading with legacy.

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