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The Durfee Sabbatical Program

In an effort to replenish the stores of energy and inspiration for our community’s most treasured leaders, the Durfee Sabbatical program offers up to six organizations a total of $75,000 each.*

Many leaders in the Los Angeles nonprofit sector work under conditions of unrelenting stress, often leading to burnout. The enormous demands of their jobs, combined with financial pressure, can prevent them from taking time off for much needed rejuvenation and reflection. Through the sabbatical, leaders recharge themselves while empowering leadership and strengthening leadership throughout the organization.

Since its founding in 1997, the Durfee Sabbatical program has awarded more than 100 sabbaticals to outstanding nonprofit leaders in Los Angeles. Sabbatical alumni also meet twice a year to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue, and every two years for an overnight retreat. Each leader works with our consultant to prepare themselves and their organizations for the leave.

Furthermore, the award encourages leaders to share leadership and build the bench at their organizations. In the executive leader’s absence, interim leaders take on new responsibilities and as a result, the second tier of leadership is enhanced.

*$60,000 for the awardees to travel, reflect or otherwise renew in whatever manner they propose, for a minimum of three consecutive months; $15,000 to support interim leaders and staff.

Resource Details

Organization: The Durfee Foundation
Date: 12/13/2022
Resource Type: Fellowship, Funded Sabbatical, Funding Opportunity
Topic: Health & Healing, Organizing, Rest

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