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Resource Guide for Planning, Designing and Implementing Green Infrastructure in Parks

This Resource Guide provides basic principles and innovations in green stormwater infrastructure in support of implementation into parks and park systems nationwide. Written as a starting point for planners, designers, and decision-makers, the guide provides a design and management framework for integrating these green practices into park design, construction and maintenance. The report also offers quantifiable water quality benefits from green infrastructure, best practices in adaptation, and encourages integrated social equity goals.

The National Recreation and Park Association provides guidance in this report for conducting park assessments and pre-planning, including how to determine feasibility of employing green stormwater infrastructure given existing resources. They suggest including green stormwater infrastructure in a new park development or redevelopment project at the earliest planning stage in order to significantly reduce the total cost of planning and installation.

Resource Details

Organization: National Recreation and Park Association
Date: 11/9/2022
Resource Type: Publication
Topic: Green Space

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