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Practices of Conservation in Cities in North America

Practice of Conservation in Cities is the companion to the original Field Guide to Conservation in Cities from 2017. Within these pages are stories, not prescriptions, on how the practice of community-centered conservation work has evolved to create a more durable and equitable change in cities across the United States. This resource shares evolving practices and perspectives that inform conservation approaches, ranging from the benefits of community forests to participatory grant funding to values-based storytelling, all rooted in unlocking more equitable outcomes for all city dwellers.

Resource Details

Author(s): Afia Genfi, Alison Babb, Amy Belaire, Ana Gonzalez, Andrea Fritsch, Anna Bettis, Ayanna Williams, Carlos Claussell-Velez, Catherine Fitzgerald, Christianah Oyenuga, Christin Hilton, Christina Smith, Christopher Chandler, Christopher Hawkins, Clare Kazanski, Courtney Baxter, Craig Holland, David Queeley, Debra Williams, Deron Davis, Diana Bermudez, Drew Goldsman, Elizabeth Smith, Elva Yañez, Emily Maxwell, Forrest Cortes, Francesca Gross, Ginny McGinn, Hannah Kett, Isis Stark, Jaime Gonzalez, Jill Sourial, John Legge, Julie Ulrich, Kahlil Kettering, Kamau Franklin, Katherine Frazer, Kathleen Brennan-Hunter, Kathy Jack, Kelsey Jessup, Kirsten Evans, Lena Easton-Calabria, Maria Dziembowska, Marlena Reed, Mateo Scoggins, Matt Grubisich, Michael Treglia, Myriam Dondzina, Olivia Roanhorse, Philip Tabas, Rachel Holmes, Rebecca Weaver, Rob McDonald, Rocio Johnson, Ruby Rivera, Ryan Gravel, Sam Haapaniemi, Sarah Hurteau, Sarika Tandon, Sheila Dormody, Shona Ganguly, Sonia Succar Ferré, Sophie Parker, Valerie Strassberg, Vanessa Martin, Zach Wirtz
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Date: 12/30/2022
Resource Type: Guide
Topic: Land Justice

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