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Nalgona Positivity Pride

Nalgona Positivity Pride (NPP) is not your typical eating disorder organization. Instead, it is a groundbreaking grassroots movement dedicated to meeting the unique needs of Black, Indigenous, and communities of color (BICC) affected by eating disorders. By leveraging the power of digital media & grassroots education NPP has become a shining light of hope for those who have been left out of mainstream narratives of eating disorders and recovery. Founded in 2014 with the help of Riverside & Los Angeles communities, NPP has been on the front lines of creating visibility and resources for BICC folks who struggle with body image and eating disorders. Drawing on indigenous matriarchal wisdom and punk influences, Gloria has built a movement that empowers those who have been historically marginalized in the fight for body liberation & mental health equity. Refusing solely biomedicalized & oppressive healthcare, NPP is transforming the approach to eating disorder support using art, education, and activism. This new perspective challenges white cultural dominance and prioritizes cultural affirmation and community-building.

Resource Details

Author(s): Gloria Lucas
Organization: Nalgona Positivity Pride
Date: 8/11/23
Resource Type: Other
Topic: DEI & Anti-Oppression, Health & Healing

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