Lead with Listening: A Guidebook for Community Conversations on Climate Migration

Organizational Author The Climigration Network
Resource Author Jade Begay, Mychal Estrada, Anna Jane Joyner, Brittany Judson, Kālisi Mausio, Scott Shigeoka
Date Published 7/8/22
Resource Type Publication
Tags Climate Adaptation & Resilience

Resource Summary

Lead With Listening: A Guidebook For Community Conversations on Climate Migration is based on interviews with 40+ people with direct experience with climate risk and displacement. Network members and the research team worked together to create this guidebook based on their insights. We hope the insights they shared will help others who will eventually face this reality too. Every conversation was built on trust and consent with clear conditions and agreements to minimize retraumatization or psychological harm as people retold or re-lived their personal stories. Each participant was financially compensated and valued for their time and wisdom. 

The guidebook offers insights on how to begin conversations about relocation – questions to ask yourself before you approach a community, phrases to use other than “managed retreat,” and actions and activities you can take to open up a conversation with curiosity and care.

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