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From Banks and Tanks to Cooperation and Caring

Just Transition is a framework for a fair shift to an economy that is ecologically sustainable, equitable and just for all its members. After centuries of global plunder, the profit-driven, growth-dependent, industrial economy is severely undermining the life support systems of the planet. An economy based on extracting from a finite system faster than the capacity of the system to regenerate will eventually come to an end—either through collapse or through our intentional re-organization. Transition is inevitable. Justice is not.

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Organization: Movement Generation
Date: 11/7/2022
Resource Type: Zine
Topic: Just Transition Framework

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La Transición Justa es un Marco para un cambio justo hacia una economía ecológicamente sustentable, equitativa, y justa para todos sus integrantes. Después de siglos de saqueos globales, la economía industrial que depende en el lucro y crecimiento, está socavando…

Just Transition Framework

Just Transition is a vision-led, unifying and place-based set of principles, processes, and practices that build economic and political power to shift from an extractive economy to a regenerative economy. After centuries of global plunder, the profit-driven, growth-dependent, industrial economy…

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Just Transition Resource Library

This library provides a curated list of resources on just transitions, to help users locate key research material and policy guidance on just transitions.

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