Federal Sustainability Plan

Organizational Author White House Council on Environmental Quality
Date Published 11/9/2022
Resource Type Climate Action Plan
Tags Climate Adaptation & Resilience

Resource Summary

Accompanying the issuance of Executive Order 14057 was the release of the Federal Sustainability Plan. The Federal Sustainability Plan includes goals related to both “Climate Resilient Infrastructure and Operations” and goals intended to “Advance Environmental Justice and Equity.” As far as building climate resilient infrastructure and operations, the plan intends to “routinely assess climate vulnerabilities and risks;” “modernize Federal policy, programs, operations, and infrastructure to support climate resilient investment;” and “establish the Climate Adaptation and Resilience Federal Leaders Working Group.” With respect to advancing environmental justice and equity, the plan aims to “include a Federal expert on environmental justice on the Federal Chief Sustainability Officer Council,” “incorporate environmental justice efforts in annual agency sustainability plans and climate adaptation and resilience plans,” “target investments in environmental justice communities,” and “reinforce equity in Federal contracting and operations.”

The Federal Sustainability Plan aims “to prepare Federal agency policy, programs, operations, and infrastructure to adopt adaptive and resilient strategies for future climate impacts.” Agencies must develop adaptation and resilience plans, identifying their most significant risks and actions to manage them. Annual updates should be provided and must be provided every four years after the release of the National Climate Assessment. CEQ and OMB will monitor these reports to improve effectiveness.

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