Climate Equity & Community Engagement in Building Electrification

Organizational Author Emerald Cities Collaborative, ¡PODER!
Date Published 4/22/22
Resource Type Toolkit
Tags Climate Adaptation & Resilience, Fossil Fuels

Resource Summary

This toolkit was derived from the City of San Francisco’s engagement with Urban Sustainability Directors Network’s Zero Cities Project, a three-year initiative with cities and community-based organizations to help cities achieve a zero-net carbon building sector by 2050. The purpose of this initiative was to experiment with different forms of community engagement to highlight best practices, lessons learned and models for creating effective community engagement around equity and climate resiliency through anchor-community strategies. The intent of this toolkit is to share the perspectives of community-based organizations working to address climate change through building decarbonization – decreasing the ratio of carbon dioxide (CO2) or all greenhouse gas emissions related to primary energy production – and electrification – replacing direct fossil fuels use with electricity – in partnership with their community and local government.

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