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A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy: Protect, Repair, Invest, & Transform

Listen to leaders from the United Frontline Table, a 16-member frontline-led formation working toward regenerative economic policy, as they share their policy framework: A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy: Protect, Repair, Invest, & Transform, which holds eighty cross-movement and intersectoral policy stances and priorities to advance a new economy based in racial justice, equity, jobs, health, and safety for all people; an economy that functions in balance with Mother Earth’s offerings, and with reciprocity, dignity, and respect for nature.

Resource Details

Author(s): Malcolm Torrejón Chu, Miya Yoshitani, Jaron Browne, Ben Ishibashi, Anthony Rogers-Wright, Colette Pichon Battle, Michael Leon Guerrero, Bineshi Albert, Angie Chen
Organization: United Frontline Table, It Takes Roots
Date: 4/21/22
Resource Type: Videos & Webinars
Topic: Economic Justice

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