6 Lessons from Harriet Tubman

Today is Harriet Tubman Day! TCLP commemorates the life and legacy of abolitionist and political activist Harriet Tubman. Here are 6 lessons we learn from her as we all continue to build a just future.

  1. Radical Imagination is essential for social change: Harriet Tubman’s life teaches us the power of radical imagination, the ability to envision and work towards a radically different and more just world than the one that currently exists.
  2. A just future is possible: Harriet Tubman’s legacy reminds us that a just future is possible, one where everyone is free and equal, and where oppressive systems are dismantled.
  3. Liberation requires action: Harriet Tubman showed us that liberation requires action, courage, and sacrifice. She was a freedom fighter who risked her life to help others escape from slavery and to fight for women’s suffrage.
  4. Resistance is a form of radical imagination: Harriet Tubman’s resistance to slavery and oppression was a form of radical imagination, a rejection of the status quo and a vision for a better world.
  5. Afrofuturism inspires new possibilities: Harriet Tubman’s story is an example of Afrofuturism, a cultural and artistic movement that reimagines the future through a Black lens. It inspires us to imagine new possibilities and to create a better future.
  6. Intersectionality is key: Tubmans’s life exemplifies the importance of intersectionality. She fought for enslaved Black people’s freedom, women’s suffrage, and against other forms of oppression, emphasizing the need to liberate all marginalized groups

Today we celebrate Harriet Tubman Day and honor her legacy of radical imagination. Let’s continue to imagine a just future for all and embrace afrofuturism to create new possibilities. #HarrietTubmanDay #RadicalImagination #JustFuture #Afrofuturism #WomensHistoryMonth #Herstory

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