Yudith Nieto

Photograph of Yudith Nieto

Cultural Strategy Manager

Yudith Nieto is a queer Mexican-American organizer, language justice worker, and artist originally based in Houston, Texas. Holding a degree in Applied Science (Graphic Design) from the Art Institute of Houston she put her efforts into advocating for fenceline communities in collaboration with Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (t.e.j.a.s). Mentored by Los Jardines Institute's Four Directions Intergenerational youth exchange to later become part of NEJAC's Youth Perspectives on Climate Change Work Group to identify best practices of youth engagement and addressing health impacts. She later transitioned to spending time in the bayous of Louisiana while forming part of the core leadership circle for Another Gulf Is Possible. Where she also co-founded the Language Justice collective BanchaLenguas in New Orleans. She's worked with frontline communities across the country to create, develop and amplify community-led media around just transition stories, artbuilds in solidarity with intersectional movements for a decolonized multilingual direct action approach. Her background in youth organizing has led her to collaborate on initiatives that focus on youth leadership and art in activism trainings to empower communities through understanding environmental issues that affect their communities through arts, media, Language justice, and cultural organizing. Yudith is committed to weaving networks of solidarity and mutual aid to respond to the ever-frequent natural disasters due to climate change. Finding the interconnectedness of our communities through place-based storytelling.