Sherrell Cuthbertson

Executive Administrative Manager to the Chief Program Officer

Sherrell Cuthbertson also known as (Olufemi) is a Charlotte, NC native but has deep Asheville, NC roots. She’s a Black Indigenous daughter, mother, sister, earth steward and creatrix that has grown with the environmental movement over the past decade. She started off working for the City of Asheville housing authority, where she quickly saw the injustices that herself and people were facing. That led her to being an advocate for Housing rights, Environmental rights, and Food Sovereignty/Justice work. She learned that this work has deep intersections with the struggle for clean air and water, safe housing and community wellness, particularly for black women and children. Her life’s journey has inspired her to support the reconnection of Black Indigenous people back to Land and Spirit.

Sherrell (Olufemi) is also one of the founders of the Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Council, Buncombe County Cooking Oil Recycling Program, Ujamaa Freedom Market, Hillcrest Unity Garden, and Gardens United. She is a Fellow Member of the North Carolina Food Justice Fellowship (for People of Color). Her personal experiences with environmental and structural racism have called her to use her voice in movements that are working to dismantle systems of racial inequities and oppression.