nathaniel gonzalez

Deputy Director of Organizational Culture

nathaniel gonzalez (he/him, previously shay (den)) is a pragmatic abolitionist based on the lands of the Munsee Lenape & Mohican people also known as Brooklyn, NY. 

Rooted in healing justice practices, nathaniel, specializes in facilitating intersectional: process consultation, strategic planning, leadership development, organizational culture change, and decision-making strategies for non-profits and collectives. He also has a deep familiarity with DEI, Board development, conflict mediation & transformative justice, and onboarding processes. 

He has over 16 years experience leading in-person training and workshops as well as over 500+ hours training in experiential workshop design, organizational development, and facilitation. In 2016 he accidentally dropped out of an MSOD program but is currently writing his Master’s thesis focusing on the viability of practicing abolition inside of the NPIC (non-proft industrial complex) as a part of Goddard College’s Social Innovation and Sustainability program. While he generally takes a non-traditional and emergent approach to organizational development he is trained in Career Anchors, Process Consultation, OCAI Competing Values Framework, the Built to Last Vision framework. 

Outside of work, most recently, he was an organizer with Cocoa Butta Futures a mutual aid collective which redistributed over $200K to folks in the Twin Cities between the 2020 uprisings and mid 2022, acted as a co-coordinator of the Community Free Store based in Rare Productions in South Minneapolis, and facilitated Healers for the Culture a convening for T/NB/GNC healing practitioners. He is a doula, bodyworker, and general nerd who spends time with his chosen fam and elders eating delicious food & playing silly games.