Photograph of Natalie Rivas

Natalie Rivas

Research and Policy Manager

Natalie Rivas is a Miami, FL native equipped with a BS in Environmental Studies and a minor in Biology from Florida International University. After graduating, Natalie became a member of the US Peace Corps serving in Cameroon, where she spearheaded global science education efforts, founded an award-winning composting program, and where her passion for women’s empowerment blossomed.

Upon her return, her background consists of managing the development and execution of climate awareness and advocacy programs across the state. With the pendulum of the climate crisis swinging both ways in Florida – towards extreme heat on one end and sea-level rise on the other-Natalie cultivates an intersectional approach to mobilizing diverse communities around key climate issues such as disaster preparedness, gentrification, food security, energy democracy, ecosystem protection, and more.

A fundamental pillar of her inspiration is The Just Transition Framework, following the thread of climate impacts to the root causes of the climate crisis and working collaboratively towards solutions. Natalie is enthusiastic about bringing socio-economic and political power back down to communities. She is guided by the principle that climate solutions must center human rights and self-determination, with frontline communities as meaningful participants in and primary beneficiaries of climate action.

A former Relationship Management Specialist for a premier youth mentoring organization, Natalie brings inclusive relationship-building tactics to mutually uplift people from all walks of life into their power to advocate for system change, recognizing that everyone is an expert in their lived experience. Natalie is also passionate about bringing a mental health and spiritual lens to climate advocacy and her concept of self-care relies heavily on her community.