Photograph of Mariah Barber

Mariah Barber

Treasurer, Board of Directors

As a disabled person of color, I find it imperative that systems are created to provide disabled and underrepresented communities access to equitable resources.

In order to address my passions, I have established the company Beyond Your Definition. This is a consulting media company that offers DEI and artistic consultation services to other businesses. In addition, we are in the process of launching the app Invisible Strengths. This mobile app will eliminate the adverse experiences of POC, disabled, and LGBTQIA disabled persons in the public health workforce. Through facilitated conversations tools and building community we want to remove stigma , foster conversation and build brighter cultures of inclusivity centering the most marginalized.

I am an artist, serial entrepreneur, social activist and public health professional with over ten years working in the field, globally. I have worked extensively on racism as a public health issue and I am passionate about DEI. I have certifications and experience providing diversity trainings for a variety of businesses and institutions.