Photograph of Denise Fairchild

Denise Fairchild

Member, Board of Directors

Denise Fairchild is the inaugural President and CEO of Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC), a national nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., with affiliates in major urban centers across the United States. She is charged with advancing ECC’s “high road” mission to green our cities, build resilient local economies and ensure equity inclusion in both the process and the outcomes of a new green and healthy economy. Dr. Fairchild focuses on building community-led partnerships with labor, environmental and business organizations to increase energy efficiency, clean energy, sustainable foods and clean water with a focus on low-income and communities of color. Her 40-year track record includes numerous awards for innovative programs in sustainable and community economic development ─ domestically and internationally. Her education background includes progressively higher degrees in urban planning from Fisk University, University of Pennsylvania and a doctorate from UCLA. Her recent publication, Energy Democracy: Equity Solutions to the Clean Economy, is published by Island Press. She lives in and raised her family in South Los Angeles.