Alexandria E. Blakney

Accounts Payable Specialist

Alex started her professional journey with the goal of writing the next, great American novel; but found deeper purpose along the way. 

Spending five years with The Aquarian Magazine as an intern turned columnist, Alex spent the early 2000s driving up and down the east coast of The United States interviewing up-and-coming bands in the metal and hardcore music scene.

Switching gears to corporate America, Alex joined Bank of America consumer banking and reveled in the joy of helping those in her community overcome financial hardship. Sharing access to financial literacy created a desire to do more to help people.

After volunteering with friends in local nursing homes, Alex decided that she could help more by caring for our elders. Beginning as a Recreation Associate and working her way to Director of Medical Records, her career in the long-term healthcare sector culminated when the Covid Epidemic befell our planet.

As the world regained some semblance of normalcy, Alex found solace in her garden, growing berries, vegetables, herbs, and foliage. She also debuted her passion project- Girl Label Candle Company and its offshoot (plant pun lol) Girl Label Garden. You can find her selling her plants and soy based wax lights at street fairs, farmers markets, and pop-up shops all over the Tri-State area in the spring and fall since 2021.

Alex is now the Accounts Payable Specialist with The Chisholm Legacy Project, Inc. and lives in New Jersey with her partner and three dogs.