Black Spaces, Green Spaces

Urban disinvestment has led to a profound lack of green spaces in Black communities, contributing to poor health and well-being. These areas, often deprived of parks, gardens, and other natural environments, face numerous challenges that extend beyond mere aesthetics. We must build a future where Black neighborhoods are rich with parks, community gardens, and green corridors, where children play safely outdoors, and residents enjoy the peace and benefits of nature. There are myriad benefits that green spaces bring to urban environments, from improving physical and mental health to fostering social cohesion and community happiness. Envision vibrant communities where green spaces contribute to cleaner air, cooler temperatures, and a higher quality of life. This program is not only about addressing the current deficiencies but also about reimagining urban spaces as centers of health, joy, and resilience. By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and strategies to advocate for the creation and maintenance of green spaces, promoting physical and mental health, community happiness, and ultimately Black Liberation.