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Policies for the People features policies to support Black climate justice leadership. The policies below have been selected to provide holistic support to those resisting extractivism and creating regenerative and democratic systems in their communities.

This is an ongoing project and these policies are just a small sample of what we plan to include. New policies will be added regularly.

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Baltimore’s Water Accountability and Equity Act

The Water Accountability and Equity Act (18-0307) ensures the cost of water is affordable for all Baltimore City residents by creating an income-based water billing system.

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Boston Resilience and Racial Equity Strategy

This Executive Order strengthens the City of Boston’s commitment to enhancing the city’s collective resilience by advancing racial equity, prioritizing social justice and strengthening social cohesion across all city agencies.

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California Cooperative Housing Bill

A bill to facilitate the development of cooperative housing in California.

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California Neighborhood Food Act

AB 2561 guarantees tenants’ and members of homeowner’s associations’ rights to grow food for personal consumption by voiding contrary language in lease agreements or homeowner’s association agreements.

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California Public Bank Charter

AB 857, creating a state-level public bank charter for which local jurisdictions (e.g. cities, counties) in California may apply. A public bank is a bank that is owned, operated, and governed by a city or county in a given place. 

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