June Resources Collection

In the work toward a just and equitable world, it is fundamental that we recognize the rich array of identities and experiences around us, and that we provide support, care, and nurturance to all. That is why The Chisholm Legacy Project is excited to feature the addition of several new offerings to our Resource Hub to support the emotional and mental well-being of frontline communities. We are particularly proud to bring attention to several initiatives that provide tools and support for the LGBT+ community during Pride month.

The Healing Justice Project works with individuals and organizations that are most affected by injustice to create and maintain a healing world. This group works to transform personal, collective, and structural trauma into collective liberation and justice.

Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective is committed to ending the deep suffering from leading to harms deeply rooted in our communities to bring about a new world for those in the Southeast region of the US.

The Fire Weed Collective’s Crisis Toolkit is also available through the Resource Hub. This toolkit provides an abundance of items that can support mental and emotional care during times of crisis. It provides practices, rituals, and tools to help individuals to better navigate their mental health and stability during a crisis.

Finally, we uplift the work of the National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network. Queer and trans of color communities have historically had a complicated relationship with seeking mental health interventions due to the intense anticipation of being judged by white peers or therapists. This organization strives to rectify that history and work to create expansive access to mental health resources that are culturally appropriate to individuals within the larger queer community.

At The Chisholm Legacy Project, we are continually committed to amplifying the voices of those who have felt marginalized and unheard. These four organizations exist to provide help and support to individuals in the LGBT+ community. We are honored to be able to host their resources and work on our Resource Hub to share their message of solidarity and liberation.

To learn more about the Healing Justice Project, Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective, the Fire Weed Collective’s Crisis Toolkit, and the National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network please make sure to visit the Resource Hub to access their available resources.

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