5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

#1: Honor Black, Fem, Indigenous, & Latinx Earth Advocates

Racial justice, environmental justice, and climate justice are deeply interconnected and must be addressed holistically. Earth advocated must center the voices and leadership from communities in the fight for justice and protection of our Earth.

#2: Center Black Liberation

We must recognize the disproportionate impacts of environmental justice in Black communities and reflect on the deep connections between Black liberation and environmental justice.

#3: Find Resources

Earth Day reminds us that we are all in a perpetual learning journey about the relationship of humans with Mother Gaia. By educating ourselves with online articles, podcasts, and documentaries, we can become better equipped to create a more just future. Check out our Resource Hub to get started!

#4: Invest in Frontline Community-Led Solutions

Frontline community-led solutions to the climate crisis is the key to collective environmental liberation. By investing in these communities, we can create solutions that are not only more effective and inclusive, but also more equitable and just. Donate to the Sandbranch Revitalization Fund!

#4: Activate Your Radical Imagination

Radical imagination is a powerful tool for envisioning and creating a more just and sustainable world, particularly on Earth Day. By allowing ourselves to imagine new and innovative solutions to environmental issues, we can challenge the status quote and create a more just future.

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