Vickash Mohanka

Photograph of Vickash Mohanka

Transformational Climate Finance Manager

Vickash Mohanka leads Climate Finance Initiatives at the Chisholm Legacy Project. Prior to joining, he consulted with companies and nonprofits to support innovative solar justice and economic development projects. Last year, he participated in the On Deck Climate Tech program, advising startup founders on energy policy and environmental justice as well as learning from leaders in climate investing and finance. He was an organizer and advocate for Clean Water Action, supporting BIPOC communities with the Green Justice Coalition, leading the largest environmental coalition in Massachusetts with Mass Power Forward, and running the Clean Water electoral program which endorsed progressive candidates and issues statewide. Before organizing, he was a legislative staffer writing energy policy and volunteered with an urban tree organization while assisting with Worcester Roots’ Cooperative Business Development Academy.

Throughout the last decade, he has worked with many communities, activists, academics, and politicians across Massachusetts to further climate and economic justice. An experienced public speaker, he enjoys educating youth and has developed trainings to introduce the energy system and environmental justice to various audiences.

He holds a B.A. in Economics from UMass Amherst and an M.S. in Climate Science and Policy from Bard College’s Center for Environmental Policy. He currently serves on the Massachusetts Sierra Club Executive Committee. He lives in Central MA with a couple dozen houseplants and many more comic books.