Olivia Montgomery


Black Femme Wellbeing Program Manager

Olivia Montgomery (she/her) is an equity practitioner from what is known as Springfield, OH, and currently resides in what is known as Columbus, OH. Her background sits at the intersection of racial and gender justice. Olivia believes that liberation is rooted in afro-futurism, abolition, and advocacy. Her work extends nationally, presenting research on equity in community engagement and the reparations for Black communities who have experienced sexual and/or reproductive violence.

As the Black Femme Wellbeing Program Manager, Olivia will support communities in the development and implementation of strategic community action plans to build power, fill capacity gaps, and radically (re)imagine climate justice.

Olivia enjoys researching, writing, spending time in the community – especially outdoors, and finding stillness with her two dogs, Kane, and Hazel.