Akilah Sigler

Black Femme Wellness Program Manager

Akilah Sigler is the Black Femme Wellness Program Manager at The Chisholm Legacy Project. She is the daughter of a Grenadian father and a Euro-American mother; an oldest sister of five siblings; and an auntie to three extremely adorable children. Akilah majored in Black Studies and Psychology at Oberlin College which deeply informed her liberation-based approach to mental health and wellness when she went on to an MA in Mental Health Counseling at Hunter College.

Akilah is guided by an ever-expanding Black feminist perspective, drawing from Audre Lorde, Patricia Hill Collins, Toni Morrison, bell hooks, Octavia Butler, and so many others. As a licensed therapist, she has completed training at Ackerman Institute for the Family, Big Oak Psychotherapy Training Institute, and is currently enrolled in training at The Center for Body Trust. In her mental health and wellness work, Akilah is dedicated to understanding the individual in the context of family legacies, community legacies, and socio-political systems. She sees collective action and community care as an inextricable part of individual wellness. In her down time, catch her in the hammock with a book, bothering her cats for attention, and spending time in nature.